Refunds Procedures

Focus and Achieve understands that our learners are also customers. We respect Consumer Rights and will refund or compensate in line with our policies and regulations. When processing your refund, we consider your mode of enrolment (online or in person), your activities, time frame, support provided and intellectual property concerns. The refunds process should not be abused by people who would have had access to privilege information and resources only accessible to genuine enrolled candidates.

You are free to cancel or withdraw yourself from the course at any time. This can be an individual choice or choice made on your behalf by any key person associated with your payment on the course such as your employer or funding body. You should cease using any of our resources in particular those related to learning and assessments.

To cancel please complete and submit our Refund Request Form, located under Forms. Your access to your course will be put onhold when you apply for a chargeback or request a refund.

If you did not enrol face to face, your statutory rights allows you fourteen working days to cancel. The 14 days starts from when you enter into a legally binding agreement with us. Your cancellation rights end after you have accessed, downloaded, complete any assessments and accessed tutor support. Physical course materials must be returned within 14 days of your written request.

Focus and Achieve will not grant refund requests outside the legislative period or when you do not have any cancellation rights.

If we decide at our discretion to refund part of your payment we will consider a number of factors including evidence of providing support, any correspondence, your activities, administration, downloads, access of digital resources, posting of resources, access to our copyrighted materials among many other factors. All awarding body fees are non-refundable.

We sometimes provide a discretionary refund. A discretionary refund is not an entitlement. Where we have given a discretionary refund,you understand that you are not entitled to know how we have decided on the amount given. Discretionary refunds are given by the company as goodwill and should not be a basis of any complaint or litigation!

No Show and last minute cancellations

No shows and last minute cancellations cost money including traveling, venue booking,time,wages for the assessor/s and sometimes hotel fees. It is also worthwhile to remember majority of our courses are popular and involves a number of variables and resources which will be difficult to organise again. There will also be a probability that we would have turned away another candidate. As a result anyone who does not turn up or cancels within 24 hours will not receive any refund. A penalty charge might also be applicable.