About Focus and Achieve

Focus and Achieve is new on the scene specialising in delivery of vocational qualifications such as teacher, quality assurance, and assessor training. We might be new as an organisation but not when it comes to experience and expertise of delivering vocational qualifications. Our staff have over 100 combined years of experience working in a variety of learning and development settings.

Focus and Achieve was established by individual practitioners who have come together to start a new entity having worked for other providers for a number of years. Our ethos are to support all candidates to be successful and maximise their potential. We are committed to supporting you and facilitating an enjoyable learning environment.

We always carry out a holistic outlook with our course delivery to ensure that learners do not just confine themselves to their work environment but to also have an insight that extends outside their everyday zone. This is important to ensure the candidate can easily transfer their skills should their environment change.

Our focus extends to more than just getting you signed off but for you to gain valuable knowledge and skills reqarding all the speciliast subjects we deliver. Facilitating education should not just be a tick box exercise but an experience to ensure there is a benefit to the candidate which will also shine to all stakeholders they are associated with.

Focus and Achieve has experience working with candidates who are in senstitivity roles. We understand the level of privacy which is required by our candidates. We will never encourage you to break any confidentiality and GDPR regulations when working with us. The privacy of your clients and employer should always be maintained.