Grievances Procedures

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our services we encourage you to access our grievances procedures. Our grievance procedures are addressed by either our complaints or appeals polices. Our complaints procedures should be used for all general issues. All assessment related matters should be addressed through our appeals procedures.

Candidates should access either or both our complaints and appeals procedures as soon as possible within 14 days from the incident. We will only consider appeals or complaints outside this time frame if there is a reasonable reason justifying the delay.

Your role and responsibility

Your role and responsibility is to let us know as soon as possible when there are issues by accessing our grievances procedures. You will need to be truthful, actively participate, respond within deadlines and provide any information requested.

Who should use our complaints or appeals procedures?

Our appeals and complaints procedures should only be used by enrolled candidates. We do not work on hearsay and consider appeals or complaints on an individual basis. Your complaint or appeal should contain an accurate record of the issues to enable investigation. We only consider complaints or appeals on behalf of our candidates only when they are considered vulnerable. We will not accept complaints and appeals from third parties such as girlfriends, employers, boyfriends, grandparents, parents or colleagues. Such appeals will only be considered on the point of law. We will not divulge any confidential information without appropriate safeguards in place such as consent.

How does one make a complaint or appeal?

In order to make a complaint we expect you to complete the necessary online form which you can access and forms. The forms you will need to login on the platform and access your course area in order to view all the forms. Please ensure you complete all parts of the form and provide detailed information and any appropriate evidence which will allow investigation.

How long will I get the outcome of the complaint or appeal?

All complaints or appeals received are normally acknowledged within 72 working hours. We aim to get back to you within 10 working days with the outcome of our investigation. Where we require more time or further information, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Updates will always be provided when it is necessary to consult other professionals or the awarding body. Please bear in mind that appeals to the awarding body might require a charge. We will let you know if a charge applies from the awarding body before forwarding your appeal.